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a. Authorization. SECNAV letter 1650 Ser NDBDM/482 of 15 July 1997.

b. Marine Corps Drill Instructor Eligibility Requirements

(1) Personnel. Marines possessing the 8511 MOS, who have served in an 8511 billet, are eligible to receive the Marine Corps Drill Instructor Ribbon (MCDIR). In addition, Marines in the following billets are eligible to receive the award :

(a) Recruit Training Regiment - CO, XO, Operations Officer (S-3), SGTMAJ, Series Commander.

(b) Recruiting Training Battalion - CO, XO, S-3, SGTMAJ .

(c) Recruit Training Regiment Support Battalion - CO, XO, S-3, SGTMAJ, Company Commanding Officers

(d) Drill Instructor School - Director and Assistant Director.

(e) Officer Candidate Company - CO, XO, ISTSGT, Company Gunnery Sergeant, and Platoon Commanders.

(2) Period of Service

(a) Drill Instructors. Marines assigned to drill instructor duty (MOS 8511) are eligible to receive the Marine Corps Drill Instructo ribbon upon completion of a successful tour of duty. A Marine who extends beyond the basic tour of duty is eligible upon completion of the extension period. Marines returning for subsequent tours as drill instructors are eligible for subsequent awards upon the completion of each tour.

(b) Additional Billets. Marines assigned in those billets listed in subparagraphs (a) through (e) above are eligible to receive the Marine Corps Drill Instructo ribbon upon completion of a successful assignment. Marines assigned as Assistant Marine Officer Instructors are not eligible for this award.

(c) Posthumous Awards. On a case-by-case basis, the MCDIR may be awarded posthumously without regard to period of service.

c. Definitions. For the purpose of determining eligibility for the Marine Corps Drill Instructor award, the following definitions apply:

(1) Drill Instructor. Duty performed in an 8511 MOS billet as set forth in the Table of Organization.

(2) Prescribed Tour of Duty

(a) Drill Instructor. The Marine's projected detachment date from drill instructor duty is considered the end of a qualifying tour of duty. Personnel who transfer prior to their original projected rotation date are authorized to receive this award if they complete a minimum of 20 months (for those who received their 8511 MOS before December 1996) or 30 months (for those who receive their 8511 MOS on or after 1 December 1996) of drill instructor duty. Personnel who were transferred due to Relief for Cause or Relief for the Good of the Service are not eligible for this award.

(b) Marines serving in the additional billets outlined in subparagraphs b. (1) (a) through (e) above are required to serve a total of 18 cumulative months in those billets in order to be eligible for the Marine Coprs Drill Instructor Ribbon.

(3) Successful Tour. A successful tour is defined as completing the prescribed tour of duty as outlined above.

d. Waivers. Requests for waiver of eligibility criteria, or questions regarding a successful tour of duty, should be sent to the Commanding General of the respective Marine Corps Recruit Depot, or in the case of Officer Candidate School, to the Commanding General, Training Command, for decision.

e. Award Elements. The award consists of a ribbon bar only. No citation or certificate will be issued.

f. Retroactive Awards. The Marine Corps Drill Instructor Ribbon (MCDIR) may be awarded retroactively to 6 October 1952.

g. Awarding Authority. Authority to award the Marine Corps Drill Instructor Ribbon (MCDIR) is delegated to commanding officers.

Authorized Devices: Bronze Star, Silver Star
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